Christmas Book Haul

Hey everyone, and welcome back to the blog! I hope that you had a lovely festive season, and got all that you wished for and more. Today, I’m here to talk about the books I received in December and those I hauled during the holiday period. Books are such a great gift, and you all know how I feel about them by now! There are also a few sneaky purchases too… So without further ado, let’s begin and fair warning, there may be spoilers.

The first eBook I bought on Christmas Eve Eve (when did that saying catch on?!) was Vox by Christina Dalcher. I’ve heard that this is an adult science fiction, so we’re going with that – I could easily be wrong! In this novel, women are limited to 100 words a day. Anymore than that, and they receive electric shots. The government is in power, and everything for women has changed – bank accounts are frozen, passports are confiscated, jobs are lost, and the art of reading and writing is no longer taught. One woman decides its time to reclaim her voice… I’ve heard mixed things about this, and I think it sounds a little bit like The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood. I picked this up in the 12 Days of Kindle deal for 99p.


The same day, I picked up The Woman in the Window by A. J. Finn, which is an adult debut psychological thriller. This follows Anna, who hasn’t left her home in ten months, due to agoraphobia. Anna sits at the window, watching her neighbours, particularly the Russell family, who remind her of what she has lost. One evening, Anna witnesses a horrifying act, and decides to uncover the truth. Will anyone believe her? Can she trust herself? EmmmaBooks is a huge fan of this, and I’ve been wanting to read it since its release! In the 12 Days of Kindle deal, this was 99p.

the woman in the window

I also picked up Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor, the first book in the Strange the Dreamer series, which is a young adult fantasy. This follows librarian Lazlo Strange, who is obsessed with the lost City of Weep. When Lazlo gets the chance to uncover the mysteries, he takes it with both hands. When he meets a strange blue skinned woman that he recognises from his dreams, he becomes puzzled. The Gods are dead, aren’t they? I have seen so much hype around this, so I’m very excited to read it! In the 12 Days of Kindle deal, this was 99p!

strange the dreamer

I then browsed the Kindle store after Christmas and Boxing Day, and picked up The Poppy War by R. F. Kuang. This is the first book in The Poppy War series, which I believe is a YA fantasy, and is the author’s debut novel. Inspired by China’s bloody history, this follows Rin, a war orphan from Rooster Province, who joins the elite military school. Rin must fight the prejudices of others, whilst discovering a lethal unearthly power, that may play a part in a Third Poppy War, which may be just a spark away… I have heard this is very dark and harowing, but very good, and I’m excited to read this. At the time of purchase, this was £1.99.

poppy war

The next book I picked up on Kindle was The Queen’s Rising by Rebecca Ross. This is the first book in The Queen’s Rising series, which is a YA fantasy, and is the author’s debut novel. This follows Brienna, who wishes to master a passion, and be chosen by a patron. Brienna belatedly chooses knowledge, and when the solstice comes, she is patron-less. When a disgraced lord offers patronage months later, she is suspicious, especially when she learns of the plot to overthrow the King, and restore a magical queen to the throne… I’ve heard mixed things about this, but I’m a sucker for this kind of plot! At the time of purchase, this was £1.99.

queen's rising

I then picked up Elantris by Brandon Sanderson for Kindle. I originally thought this was a standalone book, but I’ve since learnt this is the first book in the series, and was the author’s debut novel. I believe this is an adult fantasy, and I’ve a lot of good things about this author – PeruseProject is a huge fan! Elantris was built on magic, and it thrived. When magic began to fade, Elantris began to rot. Its people are dominated by the religious Imperium. Can a young Princess unite the people, rediscover the lost magic, and lead a rebellion? At the time of purchase, this was 99p.


The next book I picked up on Kindle was The City of Brass by S. A. Chakraborty. This is the first book in The Daevabad Trilogy, which is a YA fantasy, and the author’s debut novel. Set in eighteenth century Cairo, the markets bustle with Ottoman nobles and foreign invaders. Tales are told of djinn and spirits, of swirling enchanted sands, of desires and riches, of magic. Nahri knows there is nothing magical in her world – just tricks and sleights of hand. Or is there more? I’ve heard good things about this, and I’m excited to delve into this world! At the time of purchase, this was £1.49.

city of brass

The final book I picked up on Kindle was Everless by Sara Holland. This is first book in the Everless series, which is a YA fantasy, and the author’s debut novel. In Sempera, the rich control everything, including time. Hours, days and years have been extracted from blood and are bound to iron coins. The rich live for centuries, whilst the poor bleed themselves dry. Jules and her father are behind on rent, and hours. To stop her father draining himself to pay off debts, Jules takes a job at the grand estate of the Gerling family. There, Jules meets the Gerling heir, Roan, who offers danger and temptation, although he is due to be married. Jules must navigate the web of secrets, and uncover truths that may change her life for ever, and possibly, the future of time itself… I’m definitely intrigued by this, as it’s the kind of plot I enjoy. At the time of purchase, this was 99p.


The first book I received was a gift from my best friend, and that was Roverandom by J. R. R. Tolkien. This is a children’s book, and follows the story of Rover, a dog who is magically transformed into a toy. He is about to encounter an ancient sand-sorcerer, a terrible dragon, the king of the sea, and the man in the moon… This sounds utterly charming and I think it will be a relatively quick read. It’s so thoughtful and I was very surprised to receive this.


The next book I received was from my boyfriend, and that was Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by Newt Scamander/J. K. Rowling, and illustrated by Olivia Lomenech Gill. This was a book on the Hogwarts reading list from Harry Potter’s first year at wizard school, and is almost a companion to the new film franchise, Fantastic Beasts. This is a simply gorgeous book, with its detailed illustrations throughout. The book also goes through an A-Z of magical beasts, complete with the various classifications. I love it so much!

fantastic beasts ill

The next set of books I received were also from my boyfriend, and they were the first four volumes of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess manga by Akira Himekawa. This is based on the Nintendo video game of the same name, following hero Link (in human and wolf form) as he tries to save fantasy land Hyrule from being corrupted by the Twilight Realm. Along for the ride, and giving help where she can, is the mysterious Midna… The series and the video game mean a lot to me, so I was very happy to receive these and I’m not ashamed to say I nearly cried. The image here is the first volume – I’m having computer problems!

twilight princess 1

The next book I received was from my niece and nephew, and that was Once Upon a Dream by Liz Braswell, which is part of the Twisted Tales series. This is a young adult tale of what might have happened if Sleeping Beauty never woke up, which I’m really intrigued about! I’m looking forward to delving into this, and seeing how the tale has been reimagined – Sleeping Beauty is such a popular tale, after all!

once upon a dream

My niece and nephew also bought me As Old As Time by Liz Braswell, another book in the Twisted Tales young adult series. This is the tale of what might have happened if Belle’s mother was the person who cursed the Beast – something I’ve never thought about before! I’m definitely intrigued about this, as it’s one of my favourite fairy tales, and I love the different retellings!

as old as time

So that completes this years Christmas/December haul! Let me know what books you got for Christmas, and if you have any recommendations, please feel free to let me know!

– ReadWriteZoe.

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