Unexpected Life Update

Hey everyone, and welcome back to the blog! So, you might have noticed that there hasn’t been a lot of posts lately, and I thought I should share and be honest with you all about what has been happening.

So first of all, I’ve become a supply teacher with an agency. There’s been a lot of paperwork and things to sort out, but with the current Covid 19 Coronavirus situation in the UK (the second national lockdown and putting areas into tiers), I have yet to actually get into the classroom. It’s a little disheartening, but obviously it’s something that can’t be helped…

With that comes a lack of money, so I haven’t really been buying books. With the UK lockdown, I haven’t been able to go to town, so there’s been no borrowing from libraries, friends or even visiting the charity shops. That being said though, it does mean, that I’ve been trying to read down my physical and Kindle shelves – there’s been some minor success there! I definitely did that a lot in October, which sadly did cause a bit of burnout. I participated in Sbooktober ‘20, which was a month long readathon, with various Halloween party themed challenges. I read 18 books that month, so is it any surprise that I struggled going into November? There won’t be a wrap up for the months I’ve missed, or hauls, and I hope that will be okay.

With everything that has been going on, comes the main reason I haven’t been blogging at all. Trigger warning now! I’ve had a mental breakdown, and as such, I’ve been struggling a lot. I suffer with depression and anxiety, and have since I was a teenager, as some of you may know. There’s a lot going on in my head, with things from my personal life interwoven in that. I’ve been losing who I am and my interests, so I’m trying medication and therapy. I’m not ashamed to talk about it – we still need to make mental health awareness more prominent. I feel incredibly lucky that I have such a good support system – partner, family, my pets, and the few friends I have.

Life is constantly changing, and I’m hoping that I will soon feel well enough and get back to the person I used to be.

Thank you all for still sticking by me. I hope to have more posts and positive updates for you all soon. Take care of each other, and most importantly, take care of yourself. I love you all.

– ReadWriteZoe.

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