January 2021 Haul

Hey everyone, and welcome back to the blog! As usual, January has been a strange ol’ month. Sometimes though you need to just crack on with things – which is how I’m going about things! I really hope you’re all okay though, in all seriousness. Today, I’m here to talk about the books I was gifted or bought in the month of January. So without further ado, let’s begin and fair warning, there may be spoilers.

The first book I was bought this month was Troy by Stephen Fry, which is an adult historical novel. This is the third book in the Great Mythology series, where Fry recounts the myths and legends of Ancient Greece. In this case, the infamous battle of Troy… I’m really excited about this one, and huge thanks to my mum who bought me this!

The first book I bought on Kindle this month was Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier, which is a classic. This follows an unnamed protagonist, who is swept up in a whirlwind romance. She becomes Mrs de Winter of the Manderley estate, where the presence of his first wife, long dead, surrounds them… I’ve been interested in this for a new months, and it sounds eerie, with psychological thrilling elements. Perfect for these long winter nights! At the time of purchase, this was 99p.

The second eBook I bought was After the Silence by Louise O’Neill, which is an adult thriller. This follows the death of Nessa Crowley, whose lifeless body is found in a garden the morning after a violent storm. The killer couldn’t have escaped, yet no one was charged. Mystery surrounds the island, until ten years later, a documentary crew arrives to life the lid… I really enjoy O’Neill’s books, and with this being her first adult novel, I’m interested to see how this is going to be! At the time of purchase, this was 99p.

The next eBook I bought was Scarlet by Marissa Meyer, which is a YA science-fiction fantasy. This is the second book in The Lunar Chronicles series, which are retellings of classic fairy tales in futuristic worlds. This novel follows Scarlet, the granddaughter of a farmer and former military pilot. When her grandmother goes missing, Scarlet teams up with a genetically-altered Lunar warrior, the street fighter, Wolf… This is the sequel to Cinder, a Cinderella retelling, which I remember buying on Kindle absolutely years ago! This is a series I’ve been meaning to read for a long time, so maybe this year will be it! At the time of purchase, this was 99p.

The next eBook I bought was Red, White and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston, which is an adult contemporary. This follows the President’s son, Alex, and his feud with Henry, the Prince of Wales. A feud which may become something more, if they can allow themselves it… I’ve heard nothing but good things about this LGBT story, and it’s fictionalised take on politics and the monarchy. I’m really happy I was able to get this! At the time of purchase, this was £1.89.

So that’s it for this month’s haul! What have you bought lately? I would love to know!

– ReadWriteZoe.

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