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Hey everyone, and welcome back to the blog! Today I thought I’d do something a little different. I’m merging one of my favourite video game franchises, with one of my favourite hobbies – reading!

If you’re a big gamer or know someone who is, you might be aware of Zelda Month, created by Peanut Butter Gamer on YouTube. Zelda Month is a celebration of all things The Legend of Zelda. The fun began in 2011, when the highly anticipated Skyward Sword was released. Now, it’s a way for the gaming community to come together once a year, and talk about a franchise that inspires and entertains so many people worldwide! I’m not going to go into depths about the plots of the games that are mentioned, so if you do want to know more, Google and YouTube will be your best friends!

I found this book tag on Amino, created by Aleen Jweinat, which you can check out here! So without further ado, let’s begin the tag, and fair warning, there may be spoilers!

Majora’s Mask: A book you felt scared reading. For this, I’ve gone for The Ritual by Adam Nevill, which is an adult horror novel. This follows four friends who reunite and go on a camping holiday, only to take a shortcut that leads them to their doom… This was clever in how it changed perspectives, and made you feel like you were being stalked by the terrifying creature, and it definitely scared me. As a side note, the video game Majora’s Mask terrifies me!

the ritual

Skyward Sword: A book you couldn’t put down. Without a doubt, Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J. Maas, which is the seventh and final book in the Throne of Glass fantasy series. I just wanted to keep reading, and I honestly couldn’t put this down. I was addicted, and needed to know what happened, who was in danger… This series definitely has a piece of my soul, I love it so much! And I bet you’re all sick of hearing me talk about it too!

kingdom of ashes

The Minish Cap: A book you’ve been postponing. For this, I’ve gone with Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke. This is an adult fantasy, following the rise of two English magicians. They may have successes, but trouble is not far behind… I’ve been postponing this simply because of the size of it – my edition has small print and lots of footnotes, so I’m quite intimidated too!

jonathon strange and mr norrell

Ocarina of Time: A classic you want to read. I don’t read a lot of classics and I tend to cherry pick the ones I do read, but I would like to have a go at reading Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. This is quite a famous book, and has been banned several times around the world. This follows a scientist, Victor Frankenstein, who creates a terrifying creature in a rather strange science experiment. I know a little about the story, and it’s often mimicked in pop culture. I do have a copy, but it’s getting around to reading it!


Twilight Princess: A book with a sad, but happy ending. For this, I’ve gone with Dying Truth by Angela Marsons, which is the eighth book in the D.I. Kim Stone adult crime series. In this novel, Kim and her team are called to a boarding school, where a teenager has committed suicide. Kim thinks otherwise, and foul play is certainly afoot! I was so happy that the crime had been solved, but it was tinged with sadness as one of the officers dies in the process…

dying truth

A Link Between Worlds: A fun read. For this, I’ve gone with Goth Girl and the Ghost of a Mouse by Chris Riddell. This is the first book in the children’s series, Goth Girl, which follows the adventures of Ada, who lives in an old house with her father. Whilst it is sad in places, it’s definitely a fun, easy read. The illustrations are gorgeous, the characters are instantly likeable, and it’s a nice break from all the young adult, and adult books I read.

Goth Girl Mouse

The Wind Waker: A book that took you too long to finish. For this, I’ve gone with a recent read and that is Dracula by Bram Stoker. This follows Jonathan Harker, who meets the infamous Count in Transylvania. There, he learns terrible secrets and on his arrival back to England, he learns the Count is also there! It’s time for good to battle evil… The plot was very stretched out over 400 pages. I felt like not a lot actually happened, and a lot was repeated. The characters began to blend, and it just seemed to take a long while to read.


Navi: An annoying book character. In my personal opinion, Cath from Heartless by Marissa Meyer. This YA novel follows Cath, who wants to open a bakery and fall in love on her own terms. She does not want to get married to the King of Hearts – no way! Then she meets Jest, the new court joker, and she does the inevitable and falls in love… Cath was quite bland, and I didn’t like her. She was annoying in her behaviours and her swift change into the well known Queen of Hearts was unbelievable. I definitely found her annoying!


Zelda: A strong female character. For this, I’ve gone with Arsinoe from the Three Dark Crowns YA fantasy series by Kendare Blake. Arsinoe is one of my favourite characters this year. She’s incredibly strong in that she goes through so much throughout the series, and continues to push herself, her friends and her sister. She endures so much from a young age, and doesn’t conform to Queenly behaviours – she would sooner wear trousers instead of dresses, she’s a wild child, and wears her scars proudly. I love her so much. As a side note, this image is the cover of the third book in the series, which was released this year.

Two Dark Reigns

Breath of the Wild: A new book you want to read. A new release I’d love to get my hands on is Girls of Paper and Fire by Natasha Ngan. This is the first book in a new YA  fantasy series, and the cover alone makes me want to read it. And then we get to the plot… Each year, eight girls are chosen as Paper Girls to serve the king. A high, but demeaning honour. This year though, a ninth is chosen and she is made of fire… This is all I really know about it, and I just want to read it so much!

Girls of Paper and Fire

So that’s it for the tag – I hope you had fun with me! Are you a Zelda fan? If you are, what’s your favourite game? Let me know in the comments below! Mine without a doubt is Twilight Princess!

– ReadWriteZoe.

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