2020 Reading Goals

Hey everyone, and welcome back to the blog! It’s January, and I hope the start of the year has been kind to you. Today, I’m going to be setting out my plans and goals for this years reading. I’m always adding books that I’m interested in on the Want to Read tab on Goodreads. There, I also track the number of books I’ve read, and where I set my goal for the coming year.

So let’s look at the stats for 2019…

2019 reading challenge

I set my goals to 100 books again, and I managed to complete this. My final count was 124 – I can’t believe it!

The shortest book I read in 2019, according to Goodreads, was The Lost Sisters by Holly Black, which is a companion novella in The Folk of the Air YA fantasy series. This follows Taryn, as she begins to fall in love with a Fae, whilst her sister Jude is waging war on the cruel prince Cardan… This eBook came in at a mere 50 pages!

the lost sisters

The longest book I read in 2019, according to Goodreads, was The Walking Dead Compendium One by Robert Kirkman, which collects issues 1-48 of the comic book series. This follows a group of survivors as they try and live through a zombie apocalypse. This graphic novel came in at 1,088 pages.

The Walking Dead Comp

My goal this year is 100 books again, as I’m in a new demanding job role that has shift patterns that may affect my reading. I’m looking forward to this challenge regardless though!

I’m also starting a reading journal, which I’m very excited about! I’m using a Star Wars lined notebook from Clinton Cards that I was bought as a gift earlier this year. I was spoilt for choice as you can see! In the journal, I will be logging what books I’ve read in a month, and more statistics, so I should have more to share with you in wrap ups (if this is something you’d be interested in). I’m really excited about doing this – as sad as it may sound!

So that completes my reading goals for the upcoming year! How many books are you aiming to read? Let me know!

– ReadWriteZoe.

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