Drag Race Book Tag

Hey everyone, and welcome back to the blog! Today, I’m doing a book tag about one of my favourite TV shows – RuPaul’s Drag Race! The UK edition has been airing on BBC3 and I’ve been loving it! So what better time to do this tag? I found this on the channel Ola Magick Reads on YouTube, and the original tag was created by Catsandcamera. So without further ado, let’s begin and fair warning, there may be spoilers. Start your engines, and may the best woman win!

Eleganza Extravaganza: your most expensive book purchase. I think the most expensive book purchase I’ve made is a secondhand copy of the novelisation of the movie, Labyrinth. It follows the plot of the film, where teenager Sarah wishes her baby brother away to the Goblin King. When she realises her mistake, she has thirteen hours to get him back before he turns into a goblin… I’m a huge Labyrinth and David Bowie fan, so I had to have this! I think I paid about £50 for this, and I’ve only taken this out of its plastic protective sleeve once!


Pit Crew: aesthetically pleasing books. So I’ve decided to match three books with ball challenges from seasons 1-11, with the help of a random number generator! Ball challenges require the queens to design outfits for two/three categories, usually using unconventional materials or themes!

The first book I’ve chosen is in line with the Sugar Ball challenge from season 5, where the queens used candy and sweets to make outfits, and that book is…

the belles

The next book I’ve chosen is in line with the Monster Ball challenge from season 11, where the queens used the themes of trick or treaters, witches and monsters to design costumes, and that book is…


The final book I’ve chosen is in line with the Gayest Ball Ever challenge from season 9, where the queens served rainbow, unicorn and Village People looks, all linked to queer culture, and that book is…

seven husbands

Comeback Queen: an author that you either lost interest in, or an author that took ages to bring out a new book and came back with a bang. An author that I’m sort of slowly losing interest in is Laurell K. Hamilton, the author of the Anita Blake series and the Merry Gentry series. I was finding that the romance and erotic elements were getting repetitive and a little too unbelievable, even for adult fantasy! I feel like the police cases get pushed aside for romantic problems too. I have been thinking about rereading and finishing my collection after seeing her latest release in the library though…

guilty pleasures.jpg

Don’t Fuck It Up: A sequel you’re dying to read. I still haven’t picked up King of Fools by Amanda Foody, which is the second book in The Shadow Games series. This series follows Enne Salta as she enters the city of New Reynes to find her missing mother. It isn’t long before she becomes entangled in a world of gangsters though… I loved the first book and preordered the second, and I still haven’t read it!

king of fools

Snatch Game: Who did it better? Compare two books with similar plots, tropes or covers, and let us know who did it better. So the first book is The Ice-Cream Girls by Dorothy Koomson, which is an adult psychological thriller. This follows Poppy and Serena who were witnesses to a tragic event as children. Poppy wants to set the record straight about what happened, whilst Serena wants to stay wrapped up, secure with her new family. Secrets don’t always stay hidden though…

the ice cream girls

The second book is The Flower Girls by Alice Clark-Platts,which is also an adult psychological thriller. In 1997, Laurel and Primrose went to play at the local park. And then the news breaks – the Flower Girls abducted, tortured and murdered a toddler. One of the Flower Girls is sent to prison, whereas the other gets a new life. Nineteen years later, another child goes missing, and the Flower Girls are about to hit the news again…

flower girls

So these both follow children turning into adults, witnessing or taking part in a harrowing event, and being nicknamed by the media. For me, The Flower Girls does it better! There was more atmosphere and thrilling psychological elements, with characters that were a little more fleshed out. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed both at the time of reading, but The Flower Girls wins this one!

Reading Is Fundamental: “read” or throw shade at some of your favourite books. So, here’s my attempt at throwing shade, I don’t know if they’re good!

Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter – a world where necrophilia and beastiality can live in peace!

guilty pleasures

The Harry Potter series – a world where the villain makes a child complete a school year before killing him – education matters kids!


The Throne of Glass series/The A Court of Thorns and Roses series – Sarah J. Maas, obviously a diet consisting of nothing but fairy tale retellings does a bank balance good!

So that’s it for this tag, I hope you enjoyed it! If you’re watching the Drag Race UK finale tonight, who’s your winner? I love Baga Chipz and The Vivienne so much!

– ReadWriteZoe.

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