Book Besties UK : Review

Hey everyone, and welcome back to the blog! Today I have a product review for you, something I don’t usually do. This is a bookish product however, and it’s a way for me to slowly get back into reviewing.

Everywhere on BookTube and Instagram, I seem to be seeing book sleeves. It’s exactly what it sounds like – a sleeve/pocket/pouch to store a book, so it doesn’t get damaged when travelling. I’m one of those readers who always has something on them – paperback, Kindle, manga, graphic novels… my options are endless! The only problem is, I don’t want to damage whatever I have – covers might crinkle, pages rumple or tear, or the screen of my Kindle could get scratched. So as a treat for finishing my first term teaching, I thought I would look at getting a book sleeve.

I wanted something pretty, something unique, and after watching a video from Zoe at No Safer Place (Christmas Bookish Gift Guide 2018), I knew the perfect place to get one. I looked on Etsy, and found Book Besties UK, run by the lovely Louise. Louise hand makes these sleeves, with so many cute, geeky designs, and custom orders are available. Now, you know I love Beauty and the Beast, so I had to get one, and I picked this out.


As you can see the design is Beast’s castle, with the lyrics, “I want adventure in the great wide somewhere”, from the song “Belle (Reprise)” from the Disney 1991 animated film. This is perfect – adventure and fantasy is what I look for in good books. This sleeve was £12, and for a handmade bookish product, I think this is very fair.

I ordered this on 28 December 2018, and the product was shipped 4 January 2019. It arrived the very next day. Considering that there is usually a two week wait for custom designs, and shipping, I was so pleased.

The sleeve holds a good sized paperback, quite snug, and your book won’t fall out. Now, a Kindle on its own is quite roomy, but you could also slip your phone in it too, like I have before. The sleeve can also hold a paperback and Kindle at the same time, as I discovered to my delight! Custom orders can be placed for larger sleeves for hardbacks, which I may have to do in the future…


Overall, I’m so pleased with this product and I’d definitely recommend Book Besties UK – for you, or for a friend. This is perfect for a treat or as a gift.

You can find Book Besties UK at Etsy (, Facebook (, and Instagram (

What do you think to book sleeves? Would you use one? Do you have one, and am I late to the table?!

– ReadWriteZoe.

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