Biannual Bibliothon #3

Hey everyone, welcome back to the Biannual Bibliothon blog challenges. Today’s challenge has been set by Pirates And Pixie Dust – The Villain Synopsis. The challenge is to pick a book you like, imagine that the story was written from the antagonists perspective, and rewrite the books synopsis from the villain’s perspective. This was so hard – I couldn’t narrow it down to one book! As for rewriting the blurb, the book I chose was very difficult, and almost was written from a villains perspective. So I went full blown synopsis. A book synopsis, for those of you unfamiliar with the term, is an outline of everything that happens within the story. Including the ending, so beware. Spoilers ahead.

I’ve chosen a horror novel for today’s challenge – William Peter Blatty’s The Exorcist, which was originally published in 1971. The novel had great success and led to the cult film of the same name! So without further ado, it’s time to meet our villain!


Demon Pazuzu, an ancient Assryian demigod, is disturbed when his statue is unearthed on an archaeological dig in northern Iraq. Pazuzu radiates omens to the elderly Jesuit priest, Father Lankester Merrin, unknowingly alerting him to a powerful future confrontation. Pazuzu is not content, however.

Twelve year old Regan MacNeil lives with her actress mother, Chris, who is busy filming for a new movie. Regan plays in the basement of their rented house with an old Ouija board, convinced that her imaginary friend Captain Howdy is playing with her. Unbeknown to Regan, Pazuzu is actually Captain Howdy, and starts to possess Regan. Pazuzu causes strange disturbances in the home, and then takes control of Regan. Under demonic possession, Regan refuses food and cannot sleep. She is withdrawn and frantic, and later becomes aggressive and violent. Pazuzu watches behind Regan’s eyes, as the child is subjected to medical and psychiatric treatments. During a dinner party, Pazuzu causes Regan to urinate herself in front of her mother’s dinner guests.

Chris, an atheist, pleads with a Jesuit priest for help. Pazuzu has his claws in Regan and is not relinquishing his hold, making her do more depraved acts. Pazuzu and Regan meet with Father Damien Karras several times. Karras is having a crisis of faith which Pazuzu manipulates, and eventually, Karras seeks permission to perform an exorcism.

Karras is partnered with Merrin to perform the exorcism. Pazuzu recognises Merrin, and taunts him, using Regan’s mouth, although the voice is the demon’s own. The exorcism begins and starts to test both priests – Pazuzu torments Karras over the loss of his mother, seeing him as a weak target. During the exorcism, the pressure mounts and Merrin dies of heart failure (having previously suffered with cardiac arrhythmia). Karras tells Pazuzu to take over himself, and to leave Regan, who is an innocent. Pazuzu seizes the opportunity to possess a priest, but this is his undoing. Karras jumps from Regan’s bedroom window, falling to his death. He regains his faith as last rites are read, and Pazuzu is finally exorcised.

Well that was harder than I thought it would be – but a lot of fun! Makes me want to reread and then rewatch The Exorcist all over again – it does have some memorable moments after all!


Let me know what synopsis you would rewrite, with the villain’s perspective!

– ReadWriteZoe.


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