Kindle Haul #1

Hey everyone, welcome to the first ever Kindle eBook haul on this blog! I’m a fan of eBooks – you can get so many good offers on the Kindle store! eBooks don’t take up room on bookshelves, and they only weigh as much as the technology you’re reading them on! On Wednesday evening, I was browsing Amazon and came across some interesting reads. I purchased five books, so without further ado, let’s get on with the haul!

The first book I got was Caraval by Stephanie Garber. I have loved the cover since the books release, and have been intrigued by the plot. I’ve seen a lot of mixed reviews on BookTube, so I’m curious to see what it’s actually like. The novel follows Scarlett and her sister Tella as they receive their invitations to the elaborate week long performance of the show Caraval, where the audience participate. Not long after they arrive, Tella is kidnapped. Scarlett must find her sister before it is too late, while navigating the magical show. At the time of purchase, this eBook was 99p.


The second purchase of the evening was When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon. I have seen a lot of reviews and discussions around this book on BookTube, so I’m interest to see what it’s like, as it’s not something I normally read. The novel follows Dimple and Rishi, two Indian American teenagers, who meet at a summer camp for computer coders. Dimple wants to escape traditions, whereas Rishi longs for the traditional arranged marriage like his parents. It’s been described as ‘the arranged marriage YA romcom you didn’t know you wanted or needed…’  At the time of purchase, this eBook was 99p.


My third purchase was Tipping the Velvet by Sarah Waters. I had seen the BBC TV adaptation a while ago, and have been waiting patiently to read the book. The novel follows Nancy Astley as she becomes infatuated with male impersonator, Kitty Butler. Nancy’s journey is wild – from oyster girl, to London music hall star, to rent boy to East End ‘tom’. At the time of purchase, this eBook was £2.99.


The penultimate purchase was Through the Shattered Looking Glass by M. L. Crane. I saw this mentioned on BookTube, so I was pleasantly surprised to see it on the Kindle store already. I’m a huge Alice in Wonderland fan, so I like to see different imaginings. In this novel, Alice is starting an internship with the Lutwidge Mental Health Institute, finally putting her past behind her. When nightmares plague her, Alice needs to learn the truth before everything is too late… At the time of purchase, this eBook was 99p.


The final book was a real surprise! And that is, The Girl In Between by Laekan Zea Kemp. I think the cover is simple and effective, and that’s what drew me in – besides the price! The novel follows Bryn, who suffers with Klein-Levin Syndrome, which causes her to have episodes of prolonged sleep. Bryn spends these sleeping moments inside an alternative reality made up of her memories, until a strange boy arrives there, and hallucinations start to haunt her waking moments. Bryn decides she’s going to undergo an experimental medical treatment, but can she and the mysterious boy survive? At the time of purchase, this eBook was free!


So that completes my first eBook haul. Let me know what eBooks you have hauled lately, and if you have any recommendations, please feel free to let me know!

– ReadWriteZoe.


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