June Wrap Up

Hey everyone, welcome back! I can’t believe we are in July – that’s quite scary… 2017 is already halfway over! I dread to think how many books I’ve read (or reread) this year, but all I know is that there is more to come. Speaking of more to come, I present what I have read in June! Without further ado, lets get on with this tidy little wrap up!

Lover Unbound by J.R. Ward is first on this list. It is the fifth book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood vampire series, and follows Vishous. V can see into the future, possesses a strange curse and is son of the infamous Bloodletter. He doesn’t know who his mother is – not until she enters his life, asking him to become the Primale. The Primale is responsible for creating life with dutiful ladies. One evening while performing his Brotherhood hunting duties, he is injured and brought into a human hospital. It is here he meets human Doctor Jane Whitcomb. And as with all these novels, romance blooms. V’s story is angst ridden and the romance scenes really amp up the heat factor! I gave this 5 stars.

Next is Lover Enshrined by J.R. Ward. It is the sixth book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood vampire series, and follows Phury. Phury is taking on the role of the Primale to ensure that the race continues. He is celibate, although he has an unfortunate addiction to red smoke and has emotional scarring. He desires his twin’s pregnant mate, but that changes when he meets his Chosen ‘bride’, Cormia. Cormia has to enter a new strange world that she is unaccustomed to, and Phury has to learn to control his addiction. The romance is a little lacklustre and I found Phury to be very, very whiny. It was not an endearing characteristic and I didn’t really enjoy his story as much. I gave this 3 stars.

Following on is Father Mine by J.R. Ward. It is a novella taking place just after the sixth book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood vampire series. This follows Zsadist as he learns to put his past behind him, reconnect with his mate Bella, and care for his newborn daughter, Nalla. Zsadist’s story is heart wrenching as he struggles to overcome the pains of being a former slave and reconnect with the person he wants to be. It isn’t just for himself, but for his family too. It was a nice addition to Zsadist and Bella’s journey and I gave this 5 stars.

Ward collage

I went back to reading graphic novels for a little while and I chose Kick-Ass 2 Prelude: Hit Girl by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. This is almost a spin off as Hit Girl aka Mindy McCready tries to settle into a normal life, by going to school, instead of hacking and slashing villains. Instead Mindy decides she needs to taste violence once more, and decides to train Kick-Ass. Of course, things are never as simple as that, not even in the world of superheroes… It was jam packed with blood soaked pages and was a feisty, fun read. I gave it 5 stars.

Next up was Kick-Ass 2 by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. The graphic novel follows Kick-Ass and Hit Girl as they encourage others to join their superhero cause. The only problem is that superhero-turned-villain Red Mist (now named The Mother Fucker) has decided to take them down, with his own dangerous team. It was a good graphic novel, with plenty of action and murder, with an ending that was unexpected. I gave it 5 stars.

I couldn’t read those two graphic novels without finishing up the series – Kick-Ass 3 by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. The final book in the series follows Kick-Ass and his team, Justice Forever, as he tries to break Hit Girl out of prison. Not only does he have to do this, but he’s also trying to remain a real person – as well as dodge crime bosses who have it out for them. It was a great end to the series, and worthy of 5 stars.

Kick Ass Collage

It’s back to J.R. Ward with the next book. I read Blood Vow, which is the second book in the Black Dagger Legacy – a spinoff of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. I spoke about this in my library book haul. The novel follows Axe, as he trains at the Brotherhood compound. Growing up poor and struggling to find his own place, he takes on a security assignment for the cultured, educated, Elise. On the other half of the spectrum, warrior Rhage and wife Mary must come to terms with the dangers of adoption. I found the book a little lacklustre, especially in comparison to the main series. It’s almost predictable and I wasn’t fond of the romance element. I gave it 3 stars.

The first eBook I read this month was an indie read, Other Side of Forever by Shannon Eckrich. It was free on Kindle when I got this – I can’t lie, that was my main reason for getting it. It’s the first book in the Other Side of Forever series and follows seventeen year old Allie as she experiences telekinetic powers. She has a troubled home and school life, but her world is turned upside down when she meets immortal Ethan, and romance blossoms. At first there was a lot of promise, but it’s something that readers have seen countless times. I found it a quick read and it was enjoyable, but I found some chapters repetitive and started to dislike Allie. She turned cliché, falling over all the damn time! And I wasn’t fond of the insta-love that was going on. I gave it 3 stars.

The second free eBook I read was another indie read, Justice Calling by Annie Bellet. The first book in The Twenty-Sided Sorceress series follows sorceress and geek, Jade Crow, as she tries to have a normal life. Dark powers start to threaten her comfortable existence, and a shape-shifting enforcer enters, thinking that Jade is the cause of the trouble. She has to struggle with using, or not using her powers, as she tries to help her friends. She is fearful all the time of her ex-lover and mentor finding her, and wanting to eat her heart to steal her power. It was an interesting read, and all the geek references are so much fun! My only issue is that it was too short and therefore, it seems a little rushed in places. I wish it was longer, as I was so invested in the story. I gave it 4 stars.


Next up is A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness, which I also spoke about on my library book haul. The novel follows Connor, a young boy who is having to deal with his mother’s terminal cancer. At night he is visited by an ancient creature who tells stories about when he had been summoned before. Slowly, Connor begins to realise what he has to do in order to grow up and to progress emotionally. It was a gorgeously written novel, and packs an emotional punch. I was crying my eyes out when I gave it 5 stars.

The penultimate novel on my wrap up is the first book in the Tellus series, Take Back the Skies by Lucy Saxon. Young Catherine Hunter decides that she has had enough of living he privileged government lifestyle. She is being pushed into an unwanted marriage by her father, and sees her mother waste away to nothing. Catherine becomes Cat as she escapes on a skyship, escaping the dangerous dystopian world she is a part of. The novel was enjoyable, but there were moments where I found myself really frustrated with Cat. Disguising herself as a boy is one thing, but everyone was so accepting finding her on the ship. Even when it is revealed she is a girl, the crew are still so accepting – there is no anger or frustration. And sooner or later, there is romance, even a love triangle of sorts, but it fell a little flat. There was a twist at the ending, and I am curious to see what happens in the rest of the series. I gave it 3 stars.

The final book of June was the first book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series – yes, I’m talking about A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin. I’m very excited to watch the new season on TV, so I had to reread the novel. The novel follows the struggle for the Iron Throne, with many different characters all around Westeros such as Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen, just to name a few. I can’t go majorly into the plot, because we’ll be here forever… Whilst it is a very long novel, it is so enjoyable. There is so much action taking place, so many different characters who grow and change. It is these characters who shape the novel, and what makes it such an addictive TV show too. I gave it 5 stars.


So that completes my first wrap up for this blog! Let me know what book/books you have read in the month of June – whether it’s paper/hardback, audio eBook, or graphic novels. They all count! Of course, if you have any recommendations, please feel free to let me know!

– ReadWriteZoe.


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